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Research fellow and Adjunct lecturer at ULiège, Belgium


My research is centred on studying the impact of nonlinearity on dynamic systems. I specialise in formulating advanced methodologies to model and understand nonlinear systems based on experimental measurements. My work can be broadly divided into two themes of research:

Nonlinear system identification

In this research, data-driven modelling techniques are devised within a theoretic system identification framework. They can address complex features of nonlinear systems, like high dimensionality, nonsmoothess, nonlinear dissipation and nonlinear memory. Specific strategies are developed depending upon the intended model use, including response prediction, system understanding, and system design.

Experimental nonlinear dynamics

This research is concerned with the experimental characterisation of intrinsic properties of nonlinear systems. Model-based and model-free approaches are developed to primarily study bifurcations and the phenomena they induce, mostly related to the loss of stability and to multi-stability scenarios. The extraction of nonlinear normal modes from the free and forced responses is also a topic of active research.

The engineering applications I deal with generally come from the aerospace sector, ranging from component-level systems to complete aircraft and spacecraft structures. I also collaborate regularly with colleagues from the mechanical, electrical, control, robotics and material science fields.

Jean-Philippe Noël

Research fellow and Adjunct lecturer in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department of ULiège, Belgium.

Member of the Editorial Board of the 'Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing' journal.

Co-founder of the NOLISYS start-up company.

Featured Research

Model-based bifurcation analysis

Bifurcation analysis is key towards mastering nonlinearity in dynamic systems. In this research, bifurcations are analysed based on experimental state-space models. This approach is expected to greatly accelerate classical model-free bifurcation analysis since multiple modes can be treated simultaneously in the lab by applying broadband input signals.

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Latest News

Seminar at TU/e

I gave a seminar entitled "Identification of Hysteresis in Dynamic Systems" in the Control Systems group of TU Eindhoven, invited by Prof. Paul Van den Hof. The talk introduced a general framework to hysteresis identification using nonlinear state-space models. Recent developments were highligted, including the statistical linearisation of hysteresis bringing insight into the notion of nonlinear memory.

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