Jean-Philippe Noël

PhD in Engineering Sciences
F.R.S.-FNRS Postdoctoral researcher



I was at TU Eindhoven, The Nertherlands, to give a seminar on "Identification of Hysteresis in Dynamic Systems", invited by Prof. Paul Van den Hof. The slides of this talk are available here.


I gave a talk at the ISMA 2016 conference discussing the progress in nonlinear system identification in structural dynamics achieved over the 2006-2016 decade. The slides are available for download here.


Start of a 6-month stay at the ELEC Department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, working with Prof. Johan Schoukens.


I got 3 papers accepted in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing: "Nonlinear system identification in structural dynamics: 10 more years of progress", "A new, challenging benchmark for nonlinear system identification", and "A nonlinear state-space approach to hysteresis identification".


I published a paper with Paolo Tiso from ETH Zurich in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing introducing new benchmark data for nonlinear system identification. Depending on forcing amplitude, the system to be identified features linear behaviour, localised nonlinearity, and distributed nonlinearity. Read the paper here, and download the corresponding simulation package there.


The Space Structures and Systems Lab organised the Sixth International Conference on Nonlinear Vibrations, Localization and Energy Transfer.


I lectured during 2 hours on "Nonlinear Identification of Mechanical Systems: State of the Art, Challenges and Trends" during the ELEC Doctoral School on Identification of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems (more info on the doctoral school website).


I co-organised the first edition of the Workshop on Nonlinear System Identification Benchmarks. The originality of this workshop was to bring together members from the mechanical, systems and control, and machine learning communities in the purpose of advancing the current knowledge in nonlinear system identification. Read more here and there.


I gave a keynote talk (in lieu of Gaëtan Kerschen who was eventually unable to attend) during the Workshop on Nonlinear System Identification Benchmarks, held in Brussels, Belgium. The slides are available for download here.


The OUFTI-1 nanosatellite (I worked on as a Master student) was successfully launched from the Guiana Space Centre in Kourou (see the project website).


I presented recent results on hysteresis identification during the Workshop on Nonlinear System Identification Benchmarks, held in Brussels, Belgium. The slides can be downloaded here.


I was invited to give a research seminar in the Department of Civil Engineering of KULeuven. I talked about "Modal Analysis of Nonlinear Engineering Structures" (see the slides here).


I gave a talk during the VIbrations, SHocks and NOise (VISHNO) Conference, organised in Le Mans, France. The subject of the talk was the integration of identification and continuation tools for experimental forced response calculation. The slides can be downloaded here.


I submitted a paper entitled "Grey-box state-space identification of nonlinear mechanical vibrations" to the International Journal of Control . This invited submission took place in the context of a special issue on the "Identification and Control of Nonlinear Electro-Mechanical Systems".


I gave a talk on hysteresis identification at the International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC), held in Orlando, Florida. The slides can be downloaded here.


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